lundi 6 décembre 2010



01 - 記憶喪失 (kioku sooshitsu )
02 - Cypress
03 - unchained love


G∀LMET (ギャルメット) is an all-female Japanese Melodic Moe Death Metal band from Osaka(EDITAR ESTO).
It was formed in 2006 by Miki (vocalist).
The sound is a melodic classic metal old school, with simple yet powerful riffs, while the voice of Miki shows the power that has nothing to envy to Angela of Arch Enemy or other bands of the style.
"Melodic Moe Death Metal" Moe the term is defined as being cute, beautiful (a term adopted from the anime) that contrasts with the sound of the band that is quite aggressive as it looks. this put a gap between the music played by personality and look.
The choreography is also live, "along with the live audience to enjoy," has been kept.
Beat in the heavy metal "Miku" In addition to rhythm and melody of the wind, trimmed with a strong appeal Desuvoisu intense, involving the audience in a tide of enthusiasm. Already "WOMEN'S POWER" a regular presence in the modern rock scene in the existing ideas trapped in, to become an innovator of new pages to spell, it is desirable for further breakthroughs in the big stage.


2006 to 2007 vo. Mikki - galmet band was formed around the former. All members left to work for a while as well Kopiban.
At Ba. And started working on a new original band Sawa subscribers. Band name 「G∀LMET」 to be fixed.
After repeated guitar and drums to work well too (including support) of the turnover occurs.
Spring 2008 Dr. Join idyako
Enter your continued support guitarist activity
February 2009 Gt. 髏姫-Ruki-subscribers
March 2009 1st mini album «LOVE MET» released!
September 2009 Gt, join Ayano
September 2010 2nd album «HELLMET» released!


LOVE MET (2009)

HELL MET (09/22/2010)